Happiness is a rare commodity these days, and it is quite difficult to maintain a life that is only based on happy moments. Each one of us is either oppressed, depressed or stressed in one way or the other. There is a constant struggle of carrying out the daily tasks for a competitive edge with our peers and colleagues.

In the book 101 ways to happiness by Richard de Meath, Happiness is like a garden requiring maintenance and care, demanding to weed away the thorns that life throws at it. It is like the rarest of orchids, and it blossoms capable of disappearing if we are not careful enough. The joy that lies at the heart of happiness is too precious to ignore and take it for granted. The happiness is sometimes of short duration, but it is wise to make the best of it. There are many ways to have joy, with or without people around you. There are happy moments that are found during the whole day and in several ways. The birth of a child, the wedding, acceptance letter from your dream college, employment letter from the multinational dream organisation and many more are some of the joyful moments in anybody’s life. We have other ways of finding joy and pleasure with family and friends; by having a dinner feast, going for a picnic or travelling together as a family; all are the moments of precious memories to be captured and rejoiced for quite a long time.

A trip to the Disney world could be the most memorable vacation you have ever had, or it can be a stressful ordeal. However, with prior planning and the right combination of preparation and purpose, you can experience an amazing Disney adventure. Staying on-site and reserve a hotel room in advance, immerses the guests in the complete experience. So it should be considered before going on a Disney park trip.

What We Are Aiming For By The Proceeding Tips:

So basically, what are we aiming to achieve? Planning a trip to the Disney world is one of the most exciting chores that you have experienced since it is the happiest place on earth. A well-planned trip is one of the greatest ordeals; however, if done correctly can help with the following:

  • save money on food
  • beat the crowd and get on the two rides quicker
  • get ready to become a princess with the princesses
  • save money on accommodation (where ever possible)
  • get photos taken with the characters as much as you want
  • have the best vacation ever

Here are my top Disney World tips for your Orlando vacation:

1. Do Your Homework

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before you travel to Disney, even if you have been there a hundred times, it is not like any other place you have ever been to before. Keeping this in mind, you are required to do your homework correctly. Disney World is a universe of its own, and it covers a huge area of the property at approximately 27 square miles, encompassing four major theme parks including two water parks, golf courses, a shopping village, several lakes and a downtown. When you visit Disney, it is very important to know the season you are visiting in. Hence, you will know what type of clothes would you would be required to carry in your luggage. Do not forget that the evenings even during summers get slightly cooler. So, you might need to carry a windbreaker along with you. When you visit Disney, it is very important to know the season you are visiting in. Hence, you will know what type of clothes would you would be required to carry in your luggage. Do not forget that the evenings even during summers get slightly cooler, for which it is advisable to carry a windbreaker along with you (especially for kids).

2. Stay On The Property

Choose your resort area or hotel based on the place where you will be the most. When you have kids, you will be at the Magic Kingdom the most. So, the hotel closer to the Magic Kingdom will be the most appropriate. However, irrespective of the age and the accompanying visitors, staying on-site is the best option to be availed. Vacationing with elders or children requires closer vicinity hotels or resorts. You can go through the map before deciding and booking up your resort. There are lots of benefits for the team on-site at Disney World. However, the reasons that top up my list are Extra magic hours, internal transportation like shuttle buses, closer location and the free passes. Few of the hotels are just the walking distance, for which you do not even need to use the bus, boat or monorail. From the moment you step into the Disney magical bus shuttle to your hotel from the airport, your Disney vacation already starts from there.

3. Book Character Meals

If you have kids or you are vacationing with the students and colleagues, it is best to book your character meal in advance. You can book it, even 60 – 80 days in advance if you are planning to have a character meal dinner or lunch in an air-conditioned room.

4. Book Your Fast Passes In Advance

You can book fast passes and dining reservations ahead of time. If you are staying at Disney property resorts. You can book your fast passes 60 days in advance. It is incredibly important to avoid the long wait times in the line, as much as 195 minutes or more. For example, avatar flight passage in animal kingdoms pandora. And Navi river journey in the animal kingdom is a few examples that you can avail the rights of you do not book your fast passes at least 60 days in advance. It is practically impossible. So is the case for the right mind train in the magic kingdom that tends to sell out before thirty days’ mark.

Similarly, for the dining reservations, it is important to book the fast passes 180 days well in advance. All of this can be done through my Disney experience app. Hence, it is highly recommended that you download the app for a better experience.

5.  New – Magic Bands

As the name suggests, magic bands are embedded with sensors and linked to your profile and many other things that could be done by just wearing it on your wrist. This magic band allows you to:

  • The access to your hotel room
  • Enter the theme parks and the water parks with the valid admission
  • Can link the Disney photo pass images to your account
  • Check-in at the fast pass
  • Charge food or merchandise directly to your hotel room bill
  • Unlock special surprises that are personalised for you throughout the whole resort.

6.  Download ‘My Disney Experience’ App

Every year Disney has new attractions and new things to do while you are at the park. Sometimes, few rides are non-operational or under maintenance. You can be promptly intimidated by the help of downloading the Disney app. You can easily download this app on google play or the App Store.

7. Ring A Stroller Or A Wheelchair

If you are travelling with elders or young kids, it is highly recommended to bring the stroller or a wheelchair with you due to the large covered area of the Disney property. You will be walking from 16,000 to 20,000 steps a day, so without a stroller or a wheelchair, it will be a horrendous experience for you.

8. Identify your Must-dos

Even if you are going for the 25th time, you must plan your must-do. With the time constraint and the total area approximately the size of San Francisco, you will need to be more prepared to know what rides you will not be missing for sure. You can choose certain high priority rights like the flight of passage and others, characters, attractions and restaurant that you will want to experience.

The Takeaway

I hope these tips help visit Disney World. However, planning is of the essence. Buy discounted rate tickets, search for the resorts according to your needs and the type of itinerary you have regarding your visit to Walt Disney World.